The Politzer Society has been contributing to otology and neurotology with the high scientific level meetings for more than 30 years. By 2013 the Global Otology Research Forum will be part of the Politzer Meeting and with this opportunity we expect hosting research sessions besides the presentations of Politzer Society.

The theme of the Politzer Society Meeting is highlighted with the future of the projects and is announced as: “Let`s talk the future of otology”. We had this particular issue in our minds while elaborating the session topics and we believe that moderators who are running the sessions will create brief messages to guide us all for the upcoming years. We have also planned various types of sessions such as debates aimed to negotiate the most crucial matters; challenging dilemmas in order to find out better solutions; daily otology sessions for attracting new ideas to our daily issues; evidence based otology sessions which reveal evidence to develop further projects on treatment modalities; “how do I manage” sessions, as well as plenary sessions, panels, round tables and mini lectures.

Along with research works submitted to GLORF, free paper and poster presentations will be available for reporting the clinical studies. The abstracts will be published as a supplement to the Journal of International Advanced Otology. The completed manuscripts will have the priority in peer-review and publication in the same Journal.

We are very pleased to announce that more than 250 distinguished otologists from all over the world accepted being involved in the Faculty. Most of the sessions are already finalized. Still there may be slight changes in the scientific program. The website content is going to have regular updates until the meeting and will provide you with the most actual information.

November was specifically chosen for the meeting to take place due to a very busy Scientific Meeting Schedule in 2013. The timing allowed us to obtain exclusively flexible prices from luxury hotels which will serve as meeting venues. Therefore participants will benefit from lower accommodation expenses. We are convinced that this meeting will offer better conditions than ever.

We kindly recommend you to follow us via the Politzer Society website, Facebook and Twitter. The website of the meeting is already online through the following link: Thanks to the Instagram marketing company buy instagram followers, who helped us to set up our website and social media accounts properly.

Prof. O. Nuri Ozgirgin